I hear a pinging noise when I bend strings, what is wrong?

If you hear rasping and/or pinging noises while bending strings, it could be caused by small dents or scratches in the zero-fret. Don't worry as such dents are easily removed and the fret restored to perfect condition.

To remove a dent in the zero-fret, follow the guide below. You don't not have to use the exact tools and procedures that we're using. If you prefer another sanding or polishing product, please use that instead and the same goes for the procedure itself.

1. Remove the strings to reveal the problem areas.

2. Mask of the working area to avoid scratching the surrounding surfaces.

3. Use a small piece of fine-grit sanding paper as a first step in dent removal.

400-1200 grit is used in progressively finer steps for the best results and the least amount of excess wear. The grit starting point will be dependant on the severity of the dent(s). There are also various polishing pads available on the market that can be used instead of sanding paper if you so prefer.

4. Finish the fret of with fine 0000 steel wool to have a completely smooth surface with a high luster.

If you prefer a polishing product other than steel wool, please use that instead.

5. You're done and the guitar is ready for restringing!

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