The HSX module looks exciting, please tell me more about it!


As most of our players know, a split humbucker is not equal to a traditional single-coil design and therefore rarely behaves exactly like one in terms of sonic character and tone. Neither is it humbucking and this makes for a situation where compromises usually have to be accepted in all departments. But what if there was a way to preserve a great deal of hum-cancellation and also make the single-coil tone richer and more powerful when splitting a humbucker? Now there is and it comes factory-installed on some of our newest guitar models while also being available as an accessory in our webshop

By shaping the way the coil bridge connects to the ground when a humbucker is split, the HSX ensures that a good deal of 60-cycle hum is filtered out and the output drop is also greatly reduced. This takes the single-coil tone closer to the righteous vintage tones that we all know and love with less hum, noise, and without compromising the full humbucker tone in any way. Does this sound too good to be true? Almost, but we assure you that it's not and the results are outstanding. As this is a rather new .strandberg* feature, many of our players have questions about it and answers to the most frequent ones can be found below.


  • Can I use the HSX in a .strandberg* guitar I already own? You most definitely can! That being said, the way to wire it in varies with the pickups and electronic components that are in there. All wiring diagrams can be found in the support section of our website and the circuit can be incorporated into most other schematics as well:
  • Do the HSX work with Suhr pickups? Yes, it does and the red+white cables wired together equals the single black cable on our .strandberg* MF pickups in terms of connections in the circuit. 
  • Do I have to wire the HSX up through a push/pull pot? No, you may use any dedicated switch that you prefer or use it as an integral part of the main pickup switch if you don't need all possible pickup positions. The only thing that matters is that the switch you use is capable of taking the red wire of the HSX in and out of the circuit.
  • What are the connections of the HSX and where do they go? The connections consist of two white cables, one black cable, and one red cable. The two white cables are wired to the in- and output of the volume pot respectively, the black cable is connected to the ground, and the red cable is wired to the mid outtake of the humbucker(s). As the module doesn't contain any polarized components (plus and minus oriented), any of the white cables can be used in either position as long as one goes to input and the other to output.

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