What does ”Refurb” mean?

Sometimes we have demo guitars that we have handled and that may show signs of wear, customer returns that have some kind of cosmetic damage, or guitars that we received from the factory that don’t meet our criteria for quality control from an appearance perspective, but are otherwise fully playable and have no construction or functionality issues. In the vast majority of cases, the cosmetic issues are very small, but still enough to not meet our requirements for a high end product. Sometimes the issues are more visible, but the classification will still be the same - there is no scale or degree.

We call these guitars ”Refurbs” and they are available for sale at 15% discount in the Specials section of the online store, and are an excellent value for most players.

We are not able to answer questions about when or if a particular model will be available as a Refurb, since they are not part of our planning process but appear over time by nature. Additionally, Refurb guitars are only available to customers in our direct shipping countries for our respective sites (EU/USA), and we cannot ship a guitar from the EU store to the USA or vice versa.

Our usual warranty applies, as does our return policy, with the exception that we cannot accept returns due to cosmetic issues that were part of classifying it as Refurb. We do our very best to document all cosmetic issues on each instrument, and will be happy to on request send photos of individual guitars that are available, before your purchase. Some issues are so general or small that they are difficult to capture on photos, and others yet so small that we miss them in our inspection, since they only appear in certain lighting conditions. Nevertheless, they would still have fallen into the same classification of Refurb and not affected the price of the guitar.

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