Can I get a tremolo on my fanned fret guitar?

A tremolo works its magic by effectively increasing and decreasing the tension of the string by moving the anchor point forward or backward. A so called fulcrum tremolo (like the .strandberg* EGS Pro Tremolo, Floyd-Rose™ tremolos and most others) has two pivot points around which a base plate rotates. This means that as the anchor point moves forward or backward, it also moves upward and downward. To adapt this to a fanned fret guitar, the upward/downward motion becomes extreme and not really practical. So, the short answer is no. The longer answer is yes, as long as the fan is quite subtle. We have developed tremolos for a 0.5″ fan on 6- and 7-string that works well.

For example Kahler™ and Steinberger™ utilize a different mechanism, where the anchor point of the string rotates independently of the bridge saddles. This does allow for a fanned fret construction, but also has the drawback of requiring the string to move back and forth over the saddle, possibly catching onto it and causing tuning issues. We have chosen to not use this design.

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