.strandberg* Purchase and Returns Policy

You being satisfied with your purchase is the most important thing in the world to us, which is why we include the possibility of returning all products for a full refund with every delivery. This policy Is however subject to terms & conditions as described below.

  • Free return shipping is only provided for orders placed online through strandbergguitars.com. If your purchase was processed manually, the shipping cost will be taken out of your refund. If the purchase was done through any other channel, such as a dealer, you need to contact the seller for the return.
  • If you wish to return any ordered products, please contact us by e-mail to support@strandbergguitars.com within 30 days from delivery to obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).
  • We will organize the return shipping and let you know about the arrangements. In most cases, we will email you a label that you need to print and place on the original shipping box, after removing the original shipping label. DO NOT simply ship any items back to us.
  • Free return shipping only applies from the original destination country of delivery for the product in question. If you need to process the return from a country different from the country of delivery, the shipping cost will be taken out of your refund.
  • Free return shipping is not provided for shipments outside the normal shipping zones for our respective warehouses – for example, if a guitar was shipped from Sweden to USA because it was out of stock there.
  • All products must be shipped back in their original packaging together with included documentation and accessories/parts. If parts are missing, the cost will be taken out of your refund.
  • All items must be returned in the same condition as delivered. Any damage or signs of wear detected upon return inspection will result in a reduction of your refund.
  • Strandberg Guitars will not be held responsible for refunding any fees charged to you in conjunction with your order. This includes import taxes, customs fees, VAT, credit card fees, etc. We will do our best to supply the required documentation to help recover fees in applicable cases. 
  • By unpacking the delivered products, this return policy is accepted in its entirety.
  • Continental USA: FedEx or UPS with parcel pickup from the original address of delivery.
  • Europe: DHL Express with the parcel handed in by the customer at the courier’s nearest service facility. A scheduled parcel pickup from a chosen address is possible, but with limited possibilities to specify date and time of day.
  • Sweden: Postnord with the parcel handed in by the customer at the courier’s nearest service facility.

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