Can I buy unfinished parts and complete the guitar/bass myself?

We take the quality of our instruments very seriously, and moreover, it is very important that we can fulfill our warranty obligations towards you - the player - without hesitations. A guitar is a quite complex piece of technology, and we can only provide our warranty and service levels for instruments that have left our hands fully finished and assembled. So for that reason, we are not able to provide partially completed guitars or parts.

We are also unable to provide decals of our logotype, or equivalent, for reasons of potential misuse of our trademark - sadly, there are numerous illegitimate copies out there. 

For pick guards, we have a special situation. We realize that this is a common area of customization, and that the design of a pick guard equipped guitar lends itself well to changing the pickup configuration from HSS to HH or HSH more easily than with a guitar without pick guard. The Boden Classic models have either a swimming pool route, or at least humbucker routs in the neck and bridge positions, to allow this. To give you the maximum possibilities of customizing your pick guard, we have made the original drawings available to Decoboom and Burntaxe. They can provide custom pick guards sanctioned by us, and including our logotype.

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