Where are .strandberg* guitars made?

Starting with the so called "Genre Models", i.e. the Original, Prog, Fusion, Metal, in 2017, we moved production to our own production line at PT Cort in Indonesia. In terms of overseas production in this segment, they are by far the leaders and supply many of the world’s leading manufacturers with great guitars. The materials that go into these guitars are of the exact same high quality as the previous made .strandberg* guitars, but is purchased in bulk, along with purchases for some of the biggest brands on the planet.

We are very proud of all that we sell, and put significant effort into choosing our suppliers and sourcing raw materials. You can read a little bit about our manufacturing line and quality assurance processes here and here.

Before the move to PT Cort in Indonesia, several of our current guitar models were made in Korea. There are a couple of differences between these generations of instruments, some that can be felt and heard and some that are mere design changes "under the hood".
For more information about the difference between the Korean and the Indonesian production made guitars, please see this article.

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