There seems to be a grounding issue with my guitar. The buzz doesn’t disappear when I tough the strings, but it does disappear when I touch the switch or output jack. What can I do?

The .strandberg* bridges incorporate a unique grounding mechanism. A wire originating from the control cavity wraps around the front screw securing the bridge. A tiny spring links the screw's head to the adjustable saddle of the bridge. The strings rest on this saddle, grounding the remaining strings through the 0-fret. However, issues can arise during this setup:

Common problems include:

  1. Sometimes, the connection between the wire and the bridge screw is faulty.
  2. Oxidation on the grounding spring can hinder a reliable connection, which can be resolved by lightly sanding both ends of the spring to ensure clean surfaces.
  3. In some instances, the grounding spring may become lodged within the bridge and fail to make contact with the saddle.

Easy Guide to Troubleshoot:

If you have access to an ohm-meter, follow these steps to diagnose and correct the issue:

  1. Remove the bridge and see if touching the head of the bridge mounting screw eliminates the buzz. If it does, the problem lies in the string's failure to connect the screw with the saddle. To resolve this, sand off the spring and gently stretch it to ensure a secure connection.
  2. Note that on most guitars, the ground wire is connected to the G-string bridge. However, in certain cases, particularly with older guitars, it may be attached to the high E-string.

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