I have heard that I can make my own .strandberg*, how does that work?

This is not the case, and is incorrect. The name .strandberg* is a registered trademark, so you can’t make your own .strandberg* guitar. 

While there are no laws preventing reproductions for personal use (there are laws preventing reproduction for commercial purposes however), even of patented innovations, we strongly discourage copies of anything that we have designed. If you are an aspiring luthier, take influence from every other luthier out there, but don't just blatantly copy something! Make a contribution to the guitar building community, and you will have way more fun, just like I (Ola) did when I started. 

For several years, we licensed many of our designs under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. This meant, for example, that you for personal use could use the body shape and design features of the Boden shape and build a guitar based on it for non-commercial purposes. 

The reason that we originally offered this license was similar to Open Source source code in the software industry, for example:

  1. I am self-taught when it comes to building guitars, and started this as a hobby project. The idea of making the designs available to others was to engage the global guitar builder community to improve on the designs in a collaborative fashion for everyone's benefit. The license said that anyone who used the designs had to publish their improvements, and make them freely available to others under the same license.
  2. by letting people really understand the inner workings, acceptance of a particular technology is increased

However, as time passed, it turned out that there were no improvements at all published. There were many licensees, of course, but they simply copied what was there and made no improvements (at least no public), so the ultimate goal was not achieved. And in recent years, with the increased popularity of headless guitars fueled by the success of our guitars, we are faced with more and more counterfeit products, and significant confusion regarding the status of guitars available for sale, and their legitimacy. For these reasons, we no longer offer the licensing of any of our technologies or designs to anyone, regardless of purpose. 

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