What's new with the EGS Rev 7 hardware found on the NX models?

At .strandberg*, we are always looking for ways to improve the player’s all-around playing and ownership experience. The all-new EGS Rev 7 hardware looks just like the previous version but the “under-the-hood” updates are substantial in that they improve the hardware’s reliability, functionality, tonal character, and ease of maintenance while retaining backwards compatibility.

Bridge and tuner assembly

The new Rev 7 bridge features a self-locking mechanism that grips a new larger hex saddle. The bridge no longer has the M2 set screw on the side of the bridge that was tightened to keep the saddle from moving. Our provided tool or a 4mm socket key can now be used to adjust the action, making string changes and setups easier and quicker. The solid grip of the larger saddle by the bridge also allows for more vibrational energy of the strings to be transferred into the body, resulting in increased sustain and a bigger and punchier acoustic tone.

String lock

From a distance, the new Rev 7 string lock looks the same as before but, upon closer inspection, you will quickly see that it is quite different. Instead of an individual lock for each string, the Rev 7 string lock is a one-piece assembly that works for all strings. This improves the robustness in the area behind the nut and will be much more reliable over the life of the guitar. The Rev 7 string lock also features extended “guides” behind each string lock area to keep the clipped string ends away from your fingertips. A small detail that you’ll appreciate every time you complete your string changes!

Ergo knobs

The redesigned ergo knobs are knurled to provide a better grip as you make volume and tone adjustments as well as having an indent so you know where your settings are at all times without having to look down on the guitar. Small details like this mean fewer things to worry about so you can focus on your playing.

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Other than the revised hardware, several other features were updated with the launch of the NX models. More information can be found here.

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