How to set up the EGS Tremolo system

In this article, we will go through the basic procedure of setting up the .strandberg* EGS Tremolo system.

If you're having trouble getting the tremolo system to perform as you wish, please see our Troubleshooting section or contact customer support for help.

Normal string changes

When you change your guitar strings to new ones of the same brand and size, it's recommended to change one string at a time.

With the same brand and gauges, your guitar should feel and play the same as before. If it doesn't, check out our troubleshooting guide below.

Bridge angle setup when changing all strings

If you want to change to different string gauges, want to tune your guitar differently or just need to adjust the tremolo bridge setup, follow this guide.

1. Block the tremolo

Find a solid object that is the same thickness as the gap between the guitar body and the bottom of the tremolo base plate when it's level to the body. Something like a stack of picks or a block of Post-It notes can be used.

Fit the object under the tremolo base plate to block it, and make sure the base plate is level with the body.

Tighten the tremolo spring claw to increase the backwards pressure of the tremolo base plate.

The bridge is now blocked and you can work on the guitar as if it had a fixed bridge.

2. Make adjustments

You can now change and tune the strings, adjust string height and intonation as if the guitar had fixed tuners.

Follow the steps in this guide to set up your guitar, and then return to the next step in this guide when you're happy with the setup.

The EGS tremolo allows for two ways of adjusting the string height. Each string's action can be adjusted individually as described in the guide linked above.

However, if you are happy with the relative individual string height but want to raise or lower the whole tremolo unit, use a 4mm Hex key to adjust the two pivot screws on the side of the bridge.

3. Balance the tremolo

When you're happy with the setup, remove the object you used for blocking the tremolo. This will most likely result in the base plate not being level with the body, so follow the steps below to balance it.

If it's leaning backward, loosen the spring claw screws until the bridge is level again.

If it's leaning forward, tighten the claw screws to increase the spring tension.

When the bridge is level with the body, everything is good to go.

Tip! Use a tuner when adjusting the spring tension and tighten or loosen the claw screws until the strings are back in tune. The tremolo bridge should now be level with the body.

4. (Optional) Add/remove spring

If you've changed string gauges, you might need to add or remove a spring to be able to level the bridge.

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