Where are .strandberg* guitars made?

Starting with the so called "Genre Models", i.e. the Original, Prog, Fusion, Metal, in 2017, we moved production to our own production line at PT Cort in Indonesia. In terms of overseas production in this segment, they are by far the leaders, and supply many of the world’s leading manufacturers with great guitars. The materials that go into these guitars are of the exact same high quality as the other .strandberg* guitars, but is purchased in bulk, along with purchases for some of the biggest brands on the planet. There are no options available for these guitars – each one is made exactly like the one before and we don’t know in advance who the customer is.

We are very proud of all that we sell, and put significant effort into choosing our suppliers and sourcing raw materials. You can read a little bit about our manufacturing line and quality assurance processes here and here

Historical/discontinued products

(Discontinued in 2018) We make our Made to Measure guitars in Sweden. When we start the specification phase, we will work together to pick out materials from specialized instrument wood vendors that ensure high quality and correct humidity levels, etc. We work with vendors all over the world to find the right pieces, so the wood itself can come from anywhere. We aim to combine purchases for multiple guitars from each vendor to save on shipping costs and environmental impact, which sometimes means that the purchasing takes a little longer. Since we can tailor every aspect of the guitar to order, each guitar is a project of its own, including 3D modeling and CNC programming.

During a period of 2012 and 2013, Boden 7 and Boden 8 models were manufactured on a license by Strictly 7 Guitars in Ohio, USA. That license was subsequently revoked. Between 2013 and mid 2015, our Custom Shop was based at the Washburn Custom Shop in Illinois, USA, which unfortunately shut down after a decision by its owners US Music Corporation. They manufactured our Boden 6, 7, 8, CL7 as well as the Varberg and Masvidalien models.

(Discontinued in 2018)  Since mid 2015, our Custom Shop and some Signature guitars, i.e. the Boden, and Varberg models as well as the Boden CL7 and Masvidalien are made in Sweden alongside the Made to Measure guitars. We have an ever increasing set of options for these guitars, and we keep some stock of materials around, to cut the delivery time. Each build of a particular model shares the same CNC programming, which drastically cuts the delivery time and cost, but is still built to order for a specific customer.

In early 2016, we launched the  Boden J line. These guitars are premium guitars Made in Japan by Dyna Gakki, and replace the earlier “base specification” Custom Shop guitars, at a lower price point. The intention was for the Boden J line to be kept in stock for immediate delivery, but due to currency exchange rate and other reasons, we no longer export the Boden J guitars outside of Japan.

Our  Production Boden OS guitars, produced from 2014 to 2017 were either made by World Musical Instruments in Korea or Yako Musical Instruments in China. 

(Discontinued in 2019)  During a brief period in 2018, we made custom guitars under the label USA Select in the USA. These guitars were made to order with several but limited custom options, and assembled by master builders at Desert Son Musical Instruments in Arizona. 

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