How can I get an endorsement deal from .strandberg*?

We would be nothing without you players, and our artists supporting us, and getting the word out there. We are truly blessed by having an amazing roster of superb players that work with us. It never started with the artist asking “can you endorse me?”. It started with a conversation around the artist having seen and played a .strandberg* guitar and preferring it over other brands. Or sometimes, by way of introduction of a mutual acquaintance, we make sure that the artist can try a guitar out. There is a great article at Truth in Shredding about how things work in general, and that has tons of advise on how to proceed.

We look at our endorsements as partnerships where we work together to increase each others exposure – to spread the music or  knowledge about the brand to a wider audience. All of us need food on the table, and the endorsement is also a business relationship, where both parties must have something to gain.

So as an artist, you should bring to us the opportunity of exposure, for example through a large social media following, professionally produced videos, an extensive touring schedule, and so on. Great skill can be sometimes be enough – if we can find a diamond in the rough and help build an artist career, we would be thrilled! But we are a guitar company, and not a talent agency, so this will be the exception.

In return, we will work with you in varying degrees to provide you with tools of the trade (guitars), tour sponsorships, promotion, connections, clinics, etc.

We base our endorsement and collaboration agreements on the genuine desire to play .strandberg* guitars over other guitars. We don’t ask for exclusivity, but expect our guitars to be played because they meet your needs. If this does not hold, our agreement is null and void. We also expect that our values of innovation, quality, reliability, credibility and open communication are shared.

If you are interested in discussing this with us and don’t have a mutual friend who can introduce you, please put together some materials about yourself, your band(s) if applicable, samples of your playing, and so on and send to

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