I have a problem with my guitar, what should I do?

We hope that you are getting a great deal of enjoyment out of your guitar, and that you are able to - despite being quite different from a conventional guitar - figure things out regarding how to use it. If you are having any kind of problem, here are a few things you can do:

  1. You are already in the right place! See if you can't find the solution right here in the knowledgebase.
  2. E-mail your question to support@strandbergguitars.com
  3. If you bought the guitar from a dealer, get in touch with them. We only work with dealers that have demonstrated skills in guitar setup, maintenance and repair.
  4. Search YouTube or Google. It is shocking how much is actually on there - from how to remove stuck knobs, to set up a floating tremolo, to guitar finish maintenance, fret dressing, and so on.
  5. There are .strandberg* Owner groups on social media platforms (most notably Facebook). While we are not affiliated with them directly, we try to participate, and the community is incredibly helpful.

The ultimate resource is our own support, and if it turns out that we need to take the guitar back for diagnosis or repair, we will set that up for you. You should not under any circumstances send the guitar or any parts to us on your own initiative - always get in touch with us first and let us work with you to resolve any issue.

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