My high E string breaks at the ball end, what can I do?

If either:

  • your high E (or possibly B if you use very light gauges) seems to be slipping despite being tightened at the string lock and you have to re-tune it to the point where the ball end becomes visible at the tuner side
  • the strings break at the bridge

chances are that it is simply that the string is unwrapping itself at the ball end.

In our experience, this is primarily an issue that occurs with D'Addario XL strings, and changing to a brand of string that has a reinforced plain end, for example our .strandberg* branded strings (made by GHS) or D'Addario NYXL, will solve the problem.

This problem is quite rare, but not unique to the EGS bridges. It does seem over-represented, and we are looking into if a change in the design of the bridge hardware can alleviate the problem. 

If you have a favorite type of string that you want to use and are experiencing this problem, you may solder the wrapped end (which many non-.strandberg* players routinely do).

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