I can't get the 8th string to fit into the bridge, what can I do?

The inner diameter of the tuners is 2.5 mm (or .1"). Since most guitar strings have a portion of the string at the ball end which is double wound, the diameter near the ball end is larger than the actual string. 

In our experience, around a .074" gauge string is where all is still well, but most .080" gauge strings will exceed .1" at the ball end. If you want to go bigger than .074", here are a few possible solutions:

  • Buy our branded Optimized Tension strings, which have a tapered end, or our custom D'Addario NYXL sets
  • Ask your favorite string supplier for a tapered string, several do. One example is Kalium strings.

If you are trying to fit a string that is bigger than .095", you are unfortunately out of luck, since there is no more room inside the tuner to enlarge the hole without compromising the integrity of the construction.

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