The tuners are hard to turn, what can I do?

If you find the tuners hard to turn, your first course of action should be check that they are lubricated with a tiny amount of high quality oil (sewing machine oil type) or lithium grease.

Secondly, we introduced teflon washers in the tuners during 2018. These are white plastic washers that sit between the tuner knob and the tuner housing. If your guitar is missing them, get in touch with us since they are a free upgrade.

Starting in 2016, the tuner knobs have an internal 6 mm hex profile, and your guitar should have come with a 6 mm T-wrench, to simplify accurate tuning.

There is also a possibility that the threads have been damaged or worn out. Next time you change strings, unscrew the knob as far as it will go, and pull out the screw portion and inspect it. Take a photo and get in touch with us for advice.

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