I changed strings/tuning on my tremolo equipped guitar, and am having problems with action and intonation. What is wrong?

Your EGS Pro Tremolo is a floating construction, i.e. it can be moved in both directions to both lower and raise the pitch of the strings. The tremolo base plate rests on a fulcrum that provides a pivot point of it, and there are springs on the rear of the guitar that counteract the pull of the strings. The tension of the springs has to be carefully and accurately balanced against the exact tensions of the strings. This means that a change in tension of one string whether from re-tuning the guitar, breaking a string, or changing string gauges or brand, will affect the balance of the tremolo assembly and it needs to be adjusted.

  • If you change to lighter gauge strings or a lower tuning, you must loosen the tremolo springs to make it balance.
  • If you change to heavier gauge strings or a higher tuning, you must tighten the tremolo springs to make it balance.

This can be a tedious and time-consuming process if you try to just tune and adjust, and repeat. Here are some sure fire steps for a quick and accurate setup:

  1. With the guitar tuned slightly below pitch (i.e. low enough for the tremolo to lean backwards, but with enough tension so the tremolo stays in place), put a stack of picks underneath the tremolo base plate at the back of the guitar, i.e. under where the tuners extend. Use enough picks of the right thicknesses to get the tremolo parallel to the body. Alternatively, find something to block the tremolo block agains the body in a position where the tremolo is parallel to the body.
  2. Tighten the tremolo springs to make sure you have pressure against the picks/blocking material.
  3. Tune and adjust the guitar as if it was a fixed bridge guitar.
  4. Loosen the tremolo springs carefully until they loose grip of the picks/blocking material and can be pulled out.
  5. Double check the tuning. If some strings are sharp, loosen the tremolo springs slightly, if they are flat, tighten the tremolo springs, until it is back in tune.

For additional information, please read our web article about the EGS series 5 tremolo bridge: https://strandbergguitars.com/how-to-setup-and-use-the-strandberg-egs-series-5-tremolo-system/

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