Will there be any additional fees/VAT or duties on my order?

You will notice that our website has a flag at the upper right corner. Please click this flag and choose the most appropriate country and/or currency to browse the shop with the correct inventory and prices.

We ship orders from three different locations:

  • if you place your order on our US site (i.e. https://strandbergguitars.com/ with prices in USD), your order will ship from California. We only ship orders within the continental US, so no additional fees are required. 
  • If you place your order on our EU site (i.e. https://strandbergguitars.com/eu/ with prices in EUR, SEK, DKK, GBP, NOK), your order will ship from Sweden. As long as your shipping address is within the European Union, there will be no additional fees or duties to pay. Note that if you live in Norway, Switzerland, or Iceland, you are not within the European Union, and the Swedish VAT of 25% will be subtracted from your order as you check out. On the other hand, import fees and duties will be payable to the shipping company before delivery. These fees are determined by your customs, and we are not able to quote or bill you these fees. 
  • If you place your order on our Australian site (i.e. https://strandbergguitars.com/au/ with prices in AUD), your order will ship from New South Wales. If your shipping address is in Australia, no additional fees are required. If you live in New Zealand, you will have to pay import fees and duties. 

While you are personally responsible to investigate what the import procedures, fees, and duties may be, here are some resources:

Note that if you paid fees or duties and want to return the guitar, any refund of those fees have to be claimed from the respective shipping company/governmental entity in your country. 

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