I receive an error message when I try to pay, what can I do?

Our payment provider is Klarna (klarna.com), who are vastly popular among consumers in the supported countries, since they offer payment terms and methods that are convenient and flexible. If you are from a country where Klarna are not operating, only debit/credit card payment is available.

Unfortunately, we do see that some people are receiving an error message, and are unable to complete the purchase.

Common causes for this type of problem are:
- your card is closed for online or foreign purchases
- there is a limit on the transaction value you may process in a day
- insufficient funds on your card
- incorrect card or address details. For example, Klarna are known to not accept PO Box addresses.
- the country of your shipping address is different than the country of your billing address.
- since December 2020, US bank Capital One are refusing Klarna "buy now pay later" payments made from their credit cards. If you are a Capital One customer, the solution is to use a debit card, or a card issued by another bank.

The Klarna-provided error message says to "Please try again later" but in our experience, it is very rare that this actually makes a difference, since the problem is not of a technical nature. 

To help us help you complete your purchase, please double check the details and contact Klarna's customer service at klarna.com - they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. You may also contact your bank/card issuer for more detailed information. 

Please also let us know that you are having problems, so that we may report it to Klarna. Unfortunately, one of the conditions to use their service is that there are no other payment methods available on the site, so we are not able to provide options, but are looking for alternatives.

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