Can I use a Tremol-No or Tremsetter with your guitars?

There are various products out there that improve/alter the performance of floating tremolo bridges. For example, the Tremolo-No(tm) provides the functionality to lock the tremolo in place to act as a fixed bridge guitar, and Tremsetter(tm) provides the functionality to stabilize the neutral point of the tremolo to make it stay in place while bending strings, etc.

We designed the EGS Pro tremolo units with compatibility with leading manufacturers in mind, and the spring block has the same dimensions and hole geometry as a Floyd Rose(tm) bridge, making aftermarket accessories that are compatible with them usable with the EGS Pro tremolo.

Specifically, the tremolo block is 8 mm thick, meaning that the Small Clamp type Tremol-No unit can be used. 

Additionally, the distance between the mounting holes for the tremolo block is 34.6 mm, meaning that all aftermarket "upgrades" for Floyd Rose tremolos can be used. The height of the block is 37 mm, so make sure that your replacement will fit, if you don't get the same size.

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