What strings fit my Boden Bass?

The Boden bass tuners use conventional strings - double ball-end strings will not work.

The multiscale arrangement on our Boden basses are 33"-34,5" (4-string) and 33"-35" (5-string). This mean that the string length needed to properly mount each string on the bass is in fact different in every position. Even though terms like "short scale", "long scale" and "super long scale" are widely used by bass and bass string manufacturers alike, these terms lack common definition and all long scale strings won't fit all long scale basses. Scale length of basses, in general, is not even the defining factor that dictates which strings to get, but you should instead be focusing on something called "speaking length". Scale length refers to the vibrating part of the string between the contact points of the bridge and the nut, which doesn't equal the complete string length needed for installation. No matter the design of the bridge and string anchor, there will almost always be a portion of the string that's occupied behind the bridge saddle to anchor the string and this length varies extensively. The "speaking length" is the length measured from the anchoring point to the nut and thus the measurement that will dictate what strings to buy. 

The speaking length of the B-string on a Boden 5 bass is approximately 37,5-38" (depending on how hard it is pulled when locked) which suggests that super long scale strings from most manufacturers should be long enough with length to spare. Trouble is that information about the speaking length of bass strings isn't always provided from the manufacturer and you may need to ask them about it through their support. It's commonly only the B-string that causes trouble on behalf of its tapered end and most long scale strings from most manufacturers can be used for the position G-E on a Boden bass without problems. 

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