I damaged my guitar but still want to return it under the 2-week free return policy. How does this work?

Our 2-week free return policy requires that the guitar is returned in its original condition in the original packaging. There must be no signs of wear or use on it, and it must be free of damage. Generally speaking, with our satin matte finishes, there is no easy way to restore a damaged finish. This means the damaged guitar that you returned will have to be sold again in “used” condition. When we do this, we generally discount 15-20%. This means that you have to count on at least a 15% reduction in the refunded amount if you return a damaged guitar, which was sold as “new”. If you bought a guitar that was already discounted due to some pre-existing damage, the situation may be different.

When in doubt, please get in contact with us and supply us with pictures showing the damage: support@strandbergguitars.com

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