Can I convert my fixed bridge to tremolo?

We often receive requests to purchase a tremolo system to be used to convert a fixed bridge guitar to a tremolo, or questions if this is possible. 

The short answer is "No, it is not possible to install a tremolo on a fixed bridge guitar."

The long answer is "While it is technically possible to route a cavity in your guitar so that a tremolo can be installed, we do not recommend it. Firstly, the footprint of the tremolo base plate is different than that of the fixed bridge, so it would not look great. Secondly, routing the cavity and recess, including the tremolo posts, requires considerable precision and skill, and the potential to fail is high. We are not able to provide any kind of support for this scenario. So for that reason, we decline requests for tremolo conversions."

We do have many tremolo equipped models available, and they are designed with appropriate voicings and features in mind. We hope that you can find a suitable option from the existing lineup.

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