What controls are on the Boden bass and what do they do?

Our two current lines of basses, The Original and Prog, both come equipped with active preamps. The choice of preamp is however unique to each series including the controls and the control layout. Below is a review of the controls and what they do. In passive mode, the master volume and pickup balancer stays operational (+ passive tone on Original) on all basses while the active tone controls are bypassed. Passive mode also bypasses the battery and no current is drawn in this setting.

Original Bass

Preamp: Nordstrand custom designed


Master volume (push/pull for passive operation)

Pickup balancer (with center detent)

Passive tone (operational in both active and passive mode)

Bass / Treble control (stack)

  • Bottom ± 12 dB @ 50 Hz (bottom knob)
  • Top ± 12 db @ 4 kHz (top knob)

Midrange control (push/pull for frequency selection)

  • Down ± 12 dB @ 400 Hz
  • Up ± 12 dB @ 1 KHz

Prog Bass

Preamp: Darkglass Tone Capsule


Master volume (push/pull for passive operation)

Pickup balancer (with center detent)

Bass control (± 12 dB @ 70 Hz)

Low midrange control (± 12 dB @ 500 Hz)

Hi midrange control (± 12 dB @ 2,8 kHz)

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