True Temperament

True Temperament is a revolutionary fretting system designed to achieve perfect intonation on all strings in all positions. Something rarely before seen in the world of guitars and basses. The struggle for perfect intonation goes as far back as guitar making itself and True Temperament is a system that solves this ancient issue. In the past, we have offered TT as an option on our Custom Shop and Made-to-Measure instruments with the standard calibrations 25.5″, 6- and 7-string guitars as well as 24.75″ 6-string and some more. This is something we no longer do since our Custom Shop was put on hold in 2018. 

Please don't ask us about TT-conversion to existing guitars or how to order a custom TT-equipped instrument. We no longer accept custom orders or modifications. All True Temperament related aftermarket modifications are handled by TT themselves or their trusted associates. Please visit for additional information. Fear not, though! There will soon be TT-equipped .strandberg* production instruments available for players who desire perfect intonation.

The True Temperament fretting system relies on a so called calibration for each unique scale length configuration. We have invested in developing our own exclusive calibrations for our guitars, and what we believe are optimal scale length relationships. As announced at the Winter NAMM Show 2019, we are launching a full lineup of 6-string 25.5" - 25", 7-string 26.25" - 25.5", and 8-string 28" - 26.5" guitar models with the brand new, overhauled, stainless steel TT frets! As of now it remains uncertain when these guitars will be made available to the market. Please keep an eye out on the web site and join our newsletter for updates!

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