Fishman pickups and expected battery life

Active pickups need power to function, and the length of time a battery will last depends on two things: the current draw of the pickups and the capacity of the battery. 

Current draw refers to the amount of power used by a device when plugged in, with the current draw of a dual Fishman Fluence humbucker-equipped guitar being 5mA. 

The battery capacity indicates how many hours a battery can deliver 1mA of power, and varies depending on the type of battery.

The estimated battery life for a guitar equipped with two Fishman Fluence Modern Humbuckers, with different types of 9V batteries is: 

  • Standard alkaline (80-130 hours)
  • Rechargeable alkaline (30-50 hours)
  • Lithium (140-240 hours)
  • Rechargeable lithium (100-160 hours). 

*The actual battery life can vary greatly depending on the specific battery used. With the guitar plugged in for 2h/day, the battery will last anywhere between 2 and 18 weeks depending on the battery

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