I unscrewed the tuning bolt from the tuner and now I can't get it back on. What do I do?

When re-stringing your .strandberg*, the best thing to do is to screw the tuning bolt back onto the threaded plunger of the tuner slightly before pulling the new string tight and locking it at the headstock. Otherwise you might end up not having enough threads sticking out to get the bolt back on. If this has happened, don't be alarmed. Getting the bolt re-attached is not complicated. Please follow the steps below and everything will be working fine again.

  1. Unlock the string in question at the headstock
  2. Grip the threaded plunger of the tuner with your finger nails or a set of small pliers and pull it out slightly
  3. Re-attach the tuning bolt
  4. Lock the string at the headstock (possibly while pulling the string a little in case it has to much slack)
  5. Tune the string

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