.strandberg* EGS String lock parts and adjustments

The .strandberg* EGS string locks are designed for strength and ease of use, but deeper knowledge about their composition is crucial to utilize their full potential, perform setup or troubleshoot problematic situations. 

In this article you will find detailed information about the string lock's parts and how to adjust them, as well as some details on previous revisions of the hardware.

If you're experiencing issues like strings slipping or breaking in the locks or having a hard time fitting a string through a string lock, please consult the troubleshooting guide found in this support page.

.strandberg* EGS Rev 7 string lock parts and terminology

From a distance, the new Rev 7 string lock looks the same as the previous version, but upon closer inspection, you will quickly see that it is quite different. Instead of an individual lock for each string, the Rev 7 string lock is a one-piece assembly that works for all strings. This improves the robustness in the area behind the nut and will be much more reliable over the life of the guitar. The Rev 7 string lock also features extended “guides” behind each string lock area to keep the clipped string ends away from your fingertips.

If you ever experience any issues with the string lock, please refer to the parts and terminology below when reaching out to us.

1. String lock housing | 2. String lock mounting screw | 3. Metal washer (5mm) | 4. String lock locking screw (4mm Hex)

Assembly and adjustments

If you need to disassemble the string lock, please follow the steps below. Do everything in reverse for reassembly.

  1. Loosen the String lock locking screws (4) using the supplied 4mm Allen key or the NX multi tool, and then remove the strings
  2. Remove the Metal washers (3) from the housing (1)
  3. Unscrew the String lock mounting screws (2) with a suitable Philips-head screwdriver
  4. The string lock is now fully disassembled

When changing strings, we recommend that the locking screw is fully removed, and that the underside of the screw as well as the metal washer is inspected for signs of wear. If you're experiencing strings slipping or breaking in the string lock, these parts might need to be replaced.
They can be purchased from the Accessories section of our web shop, but please get in touch with our customer support if you need help finding the right parts for your instrument.

For an in depth guide on how to change strings on a .strandberg* guitar, please see this support page.

Previous string lock versions

The previous Rev 5 hardware came in two versions, designed for different breaking angles for the string over the zero-fret. Version 1 was used for all strings on Korean- and US-built production guitars where the lock attachment and fret size was different compared to our current lineup. It has the string attachment hole placed higher up and a detachable string lock pin. Version 2 was introduced during 2018, has the string attachment hole placed further down, and a permanent lock mounting pin. The version 2 string lock has been fitted in position 1-6, while version 1 is used in the positions 7 and 8. This configuration applies to the factory specifications of our production guitars but other combinations of locks may be the right choice if using heavier gauge strings. 

The protective shim

Guitars fitted with the Rev 5 hardware come with a shim placed between the string locks and the headstock, for protection against damage if over tightening the locks. Some early Indonesian made guitars was made without the shim, but it can be retro-fitted without modification. However; for Korean and US made guitars, the hole pattern does not line up properly so fitting the shim would require it to be modified.

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