What can you say about zero-frets? Why do you use them? Are there any drawbacks?

Using a zero fret is the most robust way of getting the same tone out of an open string as of a fretted string. Additionally, it ensures getting the correct string height at the headstock end, as opposed to a conventional nut that is cut to depth and that, when incorrectly cut, can lead to poor playability and tuning issues. We do use a fretwire for the 0-fret that is slightly taller than the remaining frets because this generally leads to better playability and ease of setup. Lastly, [most of] our bridges are made from anodized aluminum, which is not electrically conductive. We ground the 1st string at the bridge, and the 0-fret grounds the remaining strings. The drawback of a 0-fret is that, despite there being a “nut” just behind it to secure the strings sideways, it can wear out. This is normal, and any skilled guitar technician will be able to replace it. Just make sure you use high-quality stainless steel fretwire.

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