How has Brexit impacted shopping from Strandberg Guitars?

After Brexit, the UK (except Northern Ireland) is not part of the EU customs union. As a result, you must pay import taxes and UK VAT on goods purchased from the EU.

Import tax and customs fees

For UK customers no VAT is charged in our shop. Instead you’ll be contacted by the shipping company with a bill stating exactly which fees you need to pay.

You can expect to pay 20% of the total order amount in import tax and an additional 2.5% in customs duty fees.

If the total Duty and/or VAT incurred is less than £440 then a flat amount of £11.00 will generally be incurred as this is less than 2.5%

Read more about tax and custom duty fees for goods imported to the UK here:

Minimum £135 order value

As of January 1, 2022, Brexit regulations state that if you purchase items worth less than £135 from us, we as the seller are responsible for paying and accounting for the UK VAT.

As we are not currently equipped to handle this administrative burden, we are unable to process orders for items valued at less than £135 (or €160).

* When you're looking at our shop, you might see "incl. XX VAT." This happens if our website doesn't know you're shipping outside the EU, maybe because of your browser settings or your location. When the site realizes you're shipping to the UK, the text will change to "£0.00 VAT."

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