How will Brexit impact shopping from Strandberg Guitars?

Post Brexit implementation, the UK (except Northern Ireland), is no longer part of the EU customs union, and you will be responsible for paying import duties and UK VAT on purchases from the EU. The prices you see in our shop will reflect the cost  excluding the 25% Swedish VAT*, and instead, our shipping partner DHL Express will bill you UK VAT and some additional fees before delivering the shipment to you. More information about this can be found at DHL's website.

Sine January 1, 2012, Brexit regulations state that for purchases below £135, the administrative burden for paying and accounting the UK VAT ends up with the seller (i.e. us). We are currently not in a position to do this, and therefore we are unable to take orders below £135 (or €160).

* As you browse the shop, you may see the text "incl. XX VAT". This will be the case if the online store does not realize that you are intending to ship outside the EU, for example, due to browser security settings, or that you are in fact not located outside the EU when you are browsing the shop.
When/if the store does realize that you will be shipping to the UK, the text will change to "£0.00 VAT". 

We have not changed the sticker price compared to before Brexit, which means that you are paying us 20% less than the remaining EU (with reservations for currency exchange rate considerations - the GBP price is adjusted periodically). 

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