When I hit an open string, it buzzes. What is wrong?

Your guitar is equipped with a nut that simply holds the string in place from a side-to-side perspective. The 0-fret holds the string in place for the height. The string should not touch the bottom of the nut slot.

Under certain conditions, you may experience buzzing when hitting an open string. Some possible causes are:

  1. The truss rod needs to be loosened to give more relief on the neck.
  2. The 0-fret is worn out, so the string buzzes on the 1st fret. In this case, the 0-fret needs to be replaced.
  3. The nut slot is cut too shallow, and the string rests on the nut and not the 0-fret. If it is just slightly above, it will buzz against the 0-fret. This can occur after a nut replacement, but sometimes also with guitars straight from the factory, since this condition also interacts with and is dependent on the truss rod adjustment. In this case, the nut slot should be cut deeper, which should be done by a qualified guitar tech to ensure that no damage is done to the 0-fret,
  4. As a special case to the point above, the tolerances of the string lock channel may cause that the break angle between the string lock and the nut/0-fret is too small. In this case, get in touch with us for advice, since we have a few different solutions depending on the specific case.

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