I changed strings on my tremolo equipped guitar, and now the string height is much higher/lower. What is wrong?

The .strandberg* EGS Pro tremolo Rev 3 and forward (2015 - ) is a unique design. Instead of having a knife edge on the base plate, resting on a notched post in the guitar, the post has the knife edge, and the base plate has the notch. This allows us to:

  1. Easily replace any parts that wear out over time
  2. Provide multiple pivot points for the assembly, which provides different feel when using it

When changing strings, or removing the tremolo for whatever reason, you might accidentally place the base plate resting in the wrong notch. If this happens, simply release the string tension and pull or push the tremolo until you feel and hear a distinct click, and then re-tighten the strings.

For a full explanation of the purpose of doing this, and details of the design, please visit https://youtu.be/YfQbbxVhwEQ?t=1h10m (or go straight to the meat at https://youtu.be/YfQbbxVhwEQ?t=1h17m19s)

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